Supplement Classes

We offer a variety of supplement classes to broaden our students’ dance styles and experience, and develop their technique, strength and flexibility to enhance the core disciplines.

Street 2Enrichment builds stamina with a cardio warm-up, followed by a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises to improve core control and flexibility, and improve technique.

Street classes combine a variety of styles seen in today’s commercial industry, building routines to the most popular current hits. These fun, fast paced classes help to build stamina, develop dynamics and broaden the dancers performance styles.

Acrobatic Arts classes develop the basic acro movements and tricks that are becoming increasingly popular in today’s dance industry. Encouraging children to become more aware of their bodies, they build strength, flexibility, co-ordination and confidence.

Musical Theatre is a fun and lively class, developing students performance styles, vocal skills and expression as they explore muscials both new and old. Students will build their self confidence through a variety of song and dance routines.

Private Tuition is extra training with a focus on the students individual needs designed to further their technique.