Fees are invoiced on a termly basis, with the option of paying in full or in to 2 equal payments.

We have two 14 week terms and one 12 week term each year, so both fee totals for classes are shown below. Single class fee amounts are shown for informative purposes only.

ClassesSingle Class Fee12 Week Term14 Week Term
Pre-Primary, Primary & Grades 1 - 3
Ballet, Modern, Tap
Grade 4-8
Ballet, Modern, Tap
Intermediate Foundation - Advanced 2
Modern, Tap
Intermediate Foundation - Advanced 2
Supplement Classes - All Levels
Street, Enrichment, Acro & Pointe
Private Lessons
Multiple Class discount not applicable
per 15 mins
per 15 mins
per 15 mins

Multiple Class Discount

For siblings and/or students attending more than 1 class per week, the following discounts are applied to invoices:
2-4 classes: 5%
5-6 classes: 7.5%
7-8 classes: 10%
9-10 classes: 12.5%
11+ classes: 15%

Fees should be paid no later than the payment date indicated on the invoice. Any fees paid after this date will automatically incur a £5 late payment fee and any multiple class discounts will become invalid. If fees remain unpaid for 3 weeks after the payment date, students will no longer be able to participate in classes until the invoice has been paid. If paying in half termly installments, the full term amount is still payable even if classes are discontinued at the half term point.