Class Procedures


As of September, there will be some new procedures in place for the arrival and collection from classes. Due to the current government guidelines, parents will not be allowed in to any of the waiting areas, and students are permitted to bring in their dance shoes and water bottles only. Bags of any sort or any other unnecessary items unfortunately will not be permitted. Please ensure students have washed their hands immediately before coming to classes.

Any students requiring asthma pumps, epipens etc, these must be clearly labelled with the students name and handed to the teacher at the start of each class.

Students should arrive ready and dressed for their class as the changing rooms will be unavailable, and should have their outdoor shoes on. Shoes will be changed once inside (please ensure children are wearing shoes that they can change quickly and easily by themselves) Please do not wear dance shoes outside, as this transfers the outdoor dirt in to the dance space.

When waiting for classes, please ensure you keep a safe distance and abide by social distancing rules at all times. If anyone in your household develops COVID symptoms, please refrain from bringing your child to class and follow government advice.

Hand sanitiser will be available and accessible at all classes for students to use. Barres will be cleaned between classes, and use of props in classes will temporarily be restricted. For uniform, this can either be ordered from our uniform website at with the access code ‘premiere’, OR you can email me your order and then bring payment to class to give to the class teacher (correct cash only in a clearly named envelope) and then it can be collected at the following class from the teacher.


Due to limited numbers allowed in the building, parents will not be permitted in to the Leisure Centre for drop off or collection from our classes. Students will instead be collected by their class teacher at the start of the class, and then walked back again at the end of the class.

We will be using 3 different spaces; Studio 1, Main Hall and Bowls Hall. For each space, we will have a designated waiting area, and will be using the fire exit doors closest to those spaces to bring the students in and out. This avoids too many people gathering at the main entrance and helps avoid congestion for other users of the building, keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Waiting areas/doors for each space will have notices up outside so that you know where to wait for classes. The Bowls Hall door will be to the right of the main entrance, the Main Hall door is to the left of the main entrance, and for the Studio 1 door you need to go left from the main entrance and follow the building around the side.

I understand this is a lot of new information, and I anticipate the start of term being quite muddly, but hopefully things will settle down quickly once everyone is familiar with the new procedures. If there are any questions please do let me know.

Finally, thank you once again for your continued support and patience through this very tricky time!