School Guidelines

At Première School of Dance, we aim to achieve a professional environment, allowing students to train at the highest standards and reach their potential. Therefore we have a simple set of guidelines to support our principles, maintain etiquette and discipline, and help make the school a happy and welcoming place for all of our members.


1. Punctuality is expected for all lessons.

2. Bottled water or squash only can be brought into class. Please no cartons, juice, smoothies or fizzy drinks.

3. Students should wear the correct uniform for all classes and rehearsals in order to uphold the high standards expected. Dance is a disciplined art form, and uniform is an important part of studio etiquette. Uniform is available to purchase at set times, please ask teachers for details.

4. Students should change in the changing rooms provided only, and not in the corridors, box office area or theatre foyer.

5. Hair should be in an appropriate style for all classes. Loose hair is not acceptable for any classes, and fringes should be pulled back off of the face with a headband or grips.

6. As dance is a physical art form, teachers may use hands-on feedback in order to correct a students technique.

7. Teachers should not be interrupted whilst teaching, and parents are not permitted in to the studios. Any queries (unless urgent) can be raised by email (, or by calling Kimberly on 07796 403448 in order to avoid disrupting other student’s class time or teachers prep time.

8. All children and adults are expected to behave in a polite and fitting manner at all times, and show respect for both the teachers and the other members of the school. Any unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.

9. All rubbish should be cleared away and put in to the bins provided.

10. Any term fees which are not received by the payment date will automatically incur a £5 late payment fee, and any Multiple Class Discounts will also become invalid. If fees remain unpaid for 3 weeks after the payment date students will be refused entry to class. Please do not expect to have lessons that have not been paid for.

11. For insurance purposes, all students aged 16 and under who are coming and going to classes by themselves, and/or are not being supervised by a responsible adult between classes, will have to have a permission slip signed by their parents. We cannot be held responsible for the children when they are not in class.

12. The school may take photographs and/or video during classes, rehearsals and performances, which may then be used for any future advertisement of the school.

13. In the interest of safeguarding, no photos or videos should be taken by parents or students within classes, rehearsals or performances without consent of the teacher, and these photos or videos should not be used for any form of public or social media if they contain other students.

14. Any dances choreographed by Première School of Dance should not be used or performed for any external events or auditions without consent from Kimberly. This includes the use of any edited music.

15. Any queries or concerns of any nature should be raised with Kimberly directly. Any derogatory, offensive or deprecating gossip or remarks amongst parents and/or students will not be tolerated.

16. If classes need to be cancelled through matters out of our control, full class fees still apply. We will endeavour to offer a suitable alternative as soon as possible.



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